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Support to Recovery


We want to develop our growing space so volunteers from all walks of life can come together and grow plants for other community groups.

Total received £1,815.70

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About this cause

Support to Recovery provides diverse creative, interactive and inclusive opportunities intended to aid and promote positive mental health,emotional and physical well being and social contacts. We work with individuals in small group settings to develop resilience and structure with the aim that people will achieve personal outcomes and a positive outlook. We do this using three broad methods. The Great Outdoors - Connecting people to nature through activities such as walking, growing and mindfulness; Creativity -Arts and craft classes and self led groups; Well-being -Meditation, Mindfulness and Self help courses tacking issues such as sleep, healthy eating and being more active. Our activities are open to anyone who wants to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We will bring together volunteers regularly in a small group & create a safe space to reduce isolation & to benefit from Eco-therapy. Volunteers will feel part of the project and share in its successes. As a mental health charity the project can help reduce the stigma of mental health. The Plants grown will be used by other community groups helping them come together in their communities.