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Yorkshire Yoga


We want to replace worn equipment and buy resources for outreach services, including 40 mats, 40 large and 40 small yoga blocks.

Total received £1,602.45

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About this cause

Based in Knaresborough, Yorkshire Yoga works across Harrogate borough in community settings. Our tailored yoga & exercise activities help 300+ people a year to lead healthier & less stressful lives. Our users become more active, improve their balance, mobility, flexibility, concentration & strength, try new things, have fun, make friends, reduce isolation & cope better with daily life. We work through community partners & target vulnerable & disadvantaged groups. Our users face barriers to being healthy & struggle to afford exercise & wellbeing activities. 68% of our users face have physical and mental ill health challenges. They include older people, people with disabilities (physical, sensory and learning), low incomes, dementia & other long term health problems.

How this cause brings people in the community together

We work with 30 different community organisations who each support a local geographic community or people who share issues. e.g. older people. They encourage their users to take our classes providing the venue and volunteers to support it. Our activities give isolated people something to do. People become healthier, have fun, make friends & are encouraged to join other local activities.