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14th Broadstairs Scout Group

Young People

We want to replace our ancient camping equipment so we can keep taking our children on adventures!

Total received £3,461.75

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About this cause

14th Broadstairs Scout Group is a thriving local scout group comprising around 100 members based in Thanet, Kent. An experienced, committed group of voluntary leaders work well as a team to provide a balanced programme of activities for all the children. The group is all inclusive for boys and girls from the age of 6 regardless of ability, physical or educational need. Some recent activities that the children have enjoyed include learning traditional survival skills , cooking on an open fire, first aid, pioneering, map reading, quiz nights, how food goes from farm to fork, taekwondo taster night. These fun filled activities equip children with the skills to grow and develop into confident, useful members of society who can make a difference to those around them.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Research has shown that Scouting has many positive effects which include having fun, building good relationships, taking part in activities as well as the opportunity to contribute to the community and improve life chances. Attending acitivities such as camping are an essential part of the scouting experience that builds these skills.