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Headway Cambridgeshire


We want to provide horticultural therapy for people with brain injuries so they can develop new skills and engage with the local community.

£867.00 raised so far

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About the Project

Clients with different types of brain injuries work together in our horticulture sessions, developing team working skills as they design their garden, plan maintenance activities and problem solve. We also work with local partners to increase accessibility to community gardens and outdoor projects. This creates opportunities, raises awareness about brain injury and increases community cohesion.

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About the Charity

We help people living with a brain injury. Approximately 11 people a day are admitted to hospital in Cambridgeshire with a brain injury arising from illness (stroke, cancer, infections) or trauma (road accidents, accidents at work/home, sports injuries, assaults). We are there to help them regain their independence once NHS intervention has come to an end. We help people to deal with the life changing consequences of the injury, and to overcome the barriers that prevent them getting involved in their community, accessing mainstream activities, returning to work or study, and living a healthy and rewarding life. We provide support and rehabilitation in our hubs, and through our community services. We help individuals and their families in their path to recovery, however long it takes.