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The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School

Education & Skills

We want to replace outdated computing equipment to keep the children's learning in line with modern technological advances.

Total received £2,525.77

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About this cause

We are a school and nursery catering for almost 400 local children and we admit children from the age of two up to seven years old. We received the bulk of our funding from the local authority and have a separate fund raising registered charity section but with this fund, we aim to purchase additional items that are not possible to buy with a restricted budget. All of the fund is used to enhance the children's learning as we aim to ensure that our children become the best that they can be by ensuring each chid reaches their potential. To facilitate this, we have to adopt many different learning styles and resources and with mass government cuts, particularly in this area, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The children will still share the equipment between classrooms. Our out of school providers can also use it to help support working parents and the equipment has the additional benefit of being able to link to current computing equipment to enable the children to access all aspects of its capability. The equipment looking familiar to them will help parents support their child' learning at home