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Barnstaple & District Cats Protection

Animal Welfare

We want to use cat companionship to support vulnerable local people, by running a subsidised neutering scheme in our part of North Devon.

Total received £1,993.31

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About this cause

We take in, care for and re-home cats in the Barnstaple and surrounding district. Although a national organisation, each branch is essentially self funded. We help people on a low income to pay for neutering and we try and return stray cats to their owners. We help people who have to give up their beloved pet due to illness, divorce, financial problems, children becoming allergic, landlord issues and many more - We do this by taking the cat in to our care finding it a loving new home. Our work also helps people who need a cat for a variety of reasons ie. Loneliness, special needs, bereavement etc. Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of both cat and owners alike.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Feline companions provide friendship, affection and social support to many vulnerable people. Many can benefit from interaction with cats but find the costs involved with cat ownership an added strain on an already tight budget. That's where we help them.