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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Education & Skills

We want to improve the playground area so the nursery children can play safely without hurting themselves on the surface.

Total received £5,683.15

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About this cause

We are a local school that converted to a Stand Alone Academy on 1/7/17. We provide 472 children who attend our school with excellent learning opportunities and pastoral care. We would very much like to have the playground area in our Nursery resurfaced so that it was a better area for the children to play in. We are funded by the ESFA and RBG (for Early Years and SEN). This funding is used for salaries, curriculum, utilities, premises and there are insufficient funds to undertake projects such as the one above. The children would greatly benefit from a lovely, safe play area in the Nursery. We wish to promote further learning opportunities throughout the year and greater independence.

How this cause brings people in the community together

The Parents' Association intend to open this area for out of school events. The local community is invited to attend these events. Clear markings and zoned areas will help to promote co-operation amongst individuals and groups during the Nursery day.