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Pets Against Loneliness (PAL)

Social Inclusion

We want to run morning tea events for older, isolated people with well-behaved dogs, to help alleviate loneliness.

Total received £4,117.81

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About this cause

New Unity is a radically inclusive non-religious church which works towards a fairer, kinder world. Pets Against Loneliness (PAL) is a community project operating under the auspices of New Unity. PAL arose from the twin beliefs that older members of the community are undervalued in society, leading to isolation and loneliness, and that animal companionship can make a big difference to this. PAL's focus group is older, isolated people. PAL hosts monthly gatherings bringing together older, isolated people with well-behaved dogs and their owners, in a welcoming, friendly space to share cake, conversation and canine company. With the goal of connecting people and alleviating loneliness,PAL’s key objective is to see a decline in self-reported loneliness among guests who attend PAL events.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Dogs are great ice breakers. People gather around them spontaneously, and conversations flow as a result. Inhibitions are overcome, barriers are broken down, and our common humanity is reinforced. Our older guests are enabled to connect with other people, and experience animal companionship which they would not otherwise be able to access. Friendships are built over cake, conversation and canines.