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Whitburn Brass Band

Art & Culture

We want to buy new instruments to support the continued growth of our band, and provide warmer uniforms for winter performances.

Total received £2,174.72

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About this cause

Our aim is to educate and entertain the public of Whitburn, West Lothian and the wider community in the art of brass band performance. We aim to redevelop local appreciation of this art allowing the local young people to find an interest in playing brass instruments. We offer opportunities for local musicians and our development bands offer teaching and learning for local children. We also have a strong link with our local community in Whitburn performing at least four times per year offering free concert tickets to the care homes in the area. Our heritage has come from the local mining community dating back over a century which gives the locals something to be proud of as part of their history, there are generations of ex­mining families that are members of the band.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

As well as learning an instrument, young members are also learning how to work as part of a team and are developing lasting life and social skills. The hardworking and community natured Whitburn band reflect the values and tradition of their former mining community. The band are very well regarded locally & thanks to their Player Pathway Programme are inspiring young people to learn through music.