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Greenslate Community Farm

Community Development

We want to kit out our new barn as a community workshop where local people of all ages can learn new skills.

Total received £12,088.45

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About this cause

Greenslate Community Farm is a Community Co-operative in Billinge, Wigan. We work in our local and wider community to help build resilience and togetherness by providing a wide range of opportunities and services to build skills, stimulate the local economy, and provide activities to encourage interaction between community members of all ages. We continue the development of the farm as a visitor attraction for the whole family including opportunities to learn about and explore not only our farm animals and growing activities, but also our woodland and wildlife, thus promoting physical outdoor activity as well as the farms key principles. We wish to develop this further by providing workshop facilities for all our community, whatever ability, to gain and share skills and knowledge.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We are a vibrant community farm run on Co-operative principles with approximately 120 shareholders. We have already constructed a Straw Bale cafe and shop overwhelmingly with volunteers. We run a wide variety of community events throughout the year which brings our community together. This includes Toddlers Club, Quiz afternoons, courses on Bees and Bee hive construction to name just a few.