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Arthritis Self-help Network London

Young People

We want to fund activities that will appeal to our young people, but are not usually accessible to them due to their disabilities.

Total received £2,992.00

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About this cause

We promote better physical and mental health for anyone suffering with one or more of the 200 types of Arthritis and their families and carers by providing 1 a place for self-help discussions. 2. Offer therapeutic sessions foe service user to cope with the disease. . 3 2 Patient Education Forums per month, at 2 Hospitals, hosted by a Consultant Rheumatologist or a health professional. 3. Empower people to use their skills, by radio training, crafts, gardening, writing and IT. 4 Help our able bodied volunteers to find work. 5. Provide a platform to voice and advocate sufferers needs 6. Encourage activities that assist people to recognise their talents and ultimately find gainful employment. 7. Work in partnership with other charities where possible to achieve our goals.

How this cause brings people in the community together

It will bring together able bodied volunteers and the young arthritis sufferers to enable them to participate in activities that are often not accessible to them. Bringing the two groups together will educate the public and create awareness that arthritis affects many young people within their community and is not just a disease of the elderly. Social events will be enjoyed by all ages.