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Purple Caffe Fife SCIO

Young People

We want to buy special pillows to help reduce risk of death by suffocation during sleep among children in Fife diagnosed with epilepsy.

Total received £2,056.52

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About this cause

Purple Caffe Fife offers support and information to children and families living in Fife with epilepsy. We are trying to raise funds to buy anti-suffocation pillows, mattresses and other aids for all diagnosed children in Fife, of which there are believed to be more than 400 confirmed cases. Despite Fife having more than double the national average of cases, no other support network exists for families living with epilepsy in the region, and we are trying to reach out to as many of these families as possible to give help.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The charity brings people together who are living with the problems of childhood epilepsy. We aim to provide people with some peace of mind by donating these pillows (RRP £40) to families to help reduce the risk of loved ones being suffocated if in seizure whilst asleep.