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Nevis Community Radio Limited

Education & Skills

We want to raise money so we give more young people the chance to present their own show in the Young Presenter Project 2018/19.

Total received £1,206.50

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About this cause

The aim of Nevis Radio is entertain and inform. We provide regular information such as weather, avalanche reports, information about local events and in times of crisis, emergency information and advertising aimed specifically at Lochaber. When bad weather hits the area, we are the first point of contact for parents of pupils to find out if the schools are closed and if the roads are closed, rather than Police Scotland. We make a point of allowing the air space for any individuals in the community to be interviewed and promote their events/charities with our "what's on" section. Our output is split between a mixture of specialist shows and more generalised music. We also have a local high school that presents the Drive Time show weekly, increasing young people's employ-ability.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The Nevis Radio volunteer team spans across many ages so anyone involved in the radio can expect to meet and work with people from all walks of life! Through this project, the local schools, colleges and learning centres have the oppotunity to interact with the community sector in Lochaber. Radio involves meeting/interviewing different people/organisations so it can be a very interactive project!