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HOPE for Autism

Art & Culture

We want to offer art, music, drama and movement therapies for young people at HOPE for Autism, to help reduce their isolation.

£1,563.97 raised so far

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About the Project

This will create an opportunity for young people to attend HOPE, situated within their local community, with others who feel isolated from their community due to Autism related problems. Such as, social and emotional problems. Parents/carers will bring the young people along and can meet other parents/cares whilst the activities take place. Groups will work together to support each other.

HOPE for Autism website

About the Charity

Hope for Autism makes a positive difference to the lives of people with autism. We help young people who are affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) build their self-confidence and reach their potential. Hope supports siblings, family members and people within the community to help form a collective and deeper understanding of the autistic child’s world to help provide greater acceptance and integration. Opportunities build important relationships and ways of interacting that supports each young person form levels of independence. We provide Education, Training, Guidance, Therapy and Support to young people with ASD, their families and their community in North Lanarkshire. Hope’s approach is asset-based. We value the capabilities of each young person with ASD and build on this.