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Into the Light


We want to maintain our workshops and psycho-educational courses to support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

£269.83 raised so far

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About the Project

Our workshops and courses are based on groups of individuals sharing experiences and supporting each other through experienced trauma.

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About the Charity

We are a small not for profit project and a registered Community Interest Company based in Ealing (Company No. 8738759). We provide support, resources, courses, workshops and counselling to those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and to those that support them. We exist so that survivors do not have to suffer alone and so that they receive support, advise and guidance to learn to live with the past and rebuild their futures. We: • Provide group support, psycho-educational courses, workshops, information & resources and one to one work for those who have been abused as children • Offer training, workshops and seminars to the partners, carers and families of those who have been sexually abused • Increase public awareness