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Loddon PTA

Education & Skills

We want to use the funds raised to buy a variety of maths, art, sport & play resources to benefit all the children at the School.

Total received £5,738.43

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About this cause

We raise funds to enhance the learning experience and build the school community at Loddon Primary School. Due to rising pupil numbers in the borough, Loddon Primary School has recently expanded and pupil numbers will rise from 400 to 600. In 2018 we ran a successful campaign to raise money towards replacing playground equipment. We are fundraising now towards a variety of smaller projects. We involve staff, pupils and parents to help us identify those projects.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our fundraising events help to build the school community as well as raise money. This community cohesion is particularly important at a time of change for the school which is taking 200 extra children. We have successfully raised over £15,000 in 2018 to replace playground equipment and are moving onto funding smaller projects across subjects and year groups.