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Upton Jazz Association Limited

Art & Culture

We want to involve more people in town and offer local musicians and young people the chance to play at the annual festival.

£622.90 raised so far

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About the Project

Our Fringe event in 2017 was on shoestring but people loved it. Local people stopped to enjoy the jazz. We ran a jam session for all comers. Young local players showed off their talent. If we can publicise in advance schools and local community groups will join. Professional jazz musicians have offered their support. Local charity the Nathan Tomkins Trust is on board to publicise their cause

Upton Jazz Association Limited website

About the Charity

The charity promotes the advancement of the aesthetic education of the townsfolk of Upton-upon-Severn and visitors by the performance of Jazz music of a high artistic calibre; the 4 day annual jazz Festival is now in its 33rd year. It encourages the development of young people towards an awareness of jazz music and offers opportunities to gain skills through its Best of Young Jazz project which has a 2 day stage at the festival and a programme of workshops and events throughout the year. Our aim of our new Fringe project is to make the Jazz more accessible to locals and to give local musicians the chance to play at the festival