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Shepperton Hedgehog Sanctuary

Animal Welfare

We want to expand our facility to care for more hedgehogs.

Total received £3,535.18

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About this cause

Shepperton hedgehog sanctuary has been up and running for three years now. We are registered with The British Hedgehog Preservation society and as a rescue centre for the care and rehabilitation of our native hedgehog species. I have a dedicated room in my house for this sole purpose. We treat hedgehogs under the professional eye of a vet. In the winter we home hibernating hogs in outside hutches and sheds in my garden. In spring they are released back into the wild with the support of the public. We have seen a big increase in the amount of sick and injured hogs coming into the sanctuary as a result of the public being more aware of the endangerment of this protected species. We need funds to enlarge our facility which will enable us to care for many more of these iconic animals.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

It will bring more people together in a joint enterprise of saving our local wildlife in which they can be actively involved.