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RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch

Animal Welfare

We would like to run a veterinary help voucher scheme to ensure pets in desperate need get the urgent veterinary treatment they need.

Total received £4,563.95

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About this cause

RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch is a small independent charity that comes under the umbrella of the National RSPCA, run by a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers. We are entirely self funded and rely on the help and support of the local community to fund our animal welfare work. We are responsible for the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and stray animals in the local area of North Bedfordshire, including animals that have been victims of cruelty. We ensure they get the treatment they need and are adopted into happy forever homes. We are always striving to increase the number of animals we help within our large geographical area by running neutering or veterinary help schemes for the public, to help keep pets in their homes and preventing pet abandonment.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

By running this project we will be able to promote the importance of animal welfare and awareness in our local community, decrease the amount of stray and neglected animals, and support pet owners in proper animal care.