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We want to provide therapeutic services to individuals at risk of ending their life by suicide.

Total received £4,464.95

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About this cause

Harmless is a specialist user led service that works to alleviate human suffering, to promote wellbeing and ultimately, reduce suicide. Our services provide support to individuals in distress and to provide life saving support to vulnerable people who are at risk of ending their life by suicide by providing them with help and support in the community when they can’t find it elsewhere. We launched in 2007 and were set up by people who have experienced distress and at the heart of our service is a real sense of hope. We know with the right support and help life can get better and the people who we help go on to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The more money raised, the more people we can support and ultimately the more lives saved. Our sister organisation 'The Tomorrow Project' was set up after a community was devastated by a cluster of suicides so we understand the need for community support and the importance of co-operation in projects such as ours, community is what keeps our organisation running.