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Animal Days Out C.I.C.

Education & Skills

We would like to improve the facilities and then add to the resources at our Early Years Outdoor Preschool Nursery.

Total received £3,671.92

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About the Project

The children, their families, our business partners and staff form an important part of the immediate community in this area. Please see attached document for further details.

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About the Charity

Our main purpose is focussed on providing interactive, educational and recreational opportunities for children, young people & adults with a wide theme of animals, wildlife, nature and outdoor activities-adventure. Our core business is aimed at the Education & Healthcare sectors. The ADO Academy provides educational workshops, programmes aligning with key stage syllabus to schools, we run our own Ofsted registered EYFS Outdoor Preschool Nursery for 2 to 5 year olds, Holiday Clubs (Childcare) during school half-term & holidays for 2 to 14 year olds and Mentor-Young Leadership programmes for 12 to 14 year olds. Our ADO Therapy team provide services for Special Educational Needs, Mental Ill Health, Learning Difficulties and Disabilities for Individuals, Groups, Parents and Professionals.