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Westgate Youth Project

Young People

We want to be able to continue to offer young people the opportunity to access regular workshops.

Total received £3,533.55

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About the Project

We understand that often a lack of understanding regarding hidden disabilities from the wider community can lead to bias, isolation and lack of opportunities for many young people and families in the communities in which they live. We provide the opportunity for young people to gain and develop new contacts and friends.

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About the Charity

The Umbrella Club is a provision for young people aged 10 - 19 with hidden disabilities; this is defined as any disability that is not immediately apparent upon meeting the young person, for example ASD, ADHD or Mental Illness. We aim to create an increased sense of belonging and access to a safe space for young people with hidden disabilities. We provide the opportunity to gain both hard and soft skills. Hard skills include job skills, like typing through IT work, maths through cooking, football tackling skills, design skills, problem solving skills etc.