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Pear Tree Special School

Young People

We need robust, interesting and safe equipment to provide a stimulating, inclusive play space for our children.

£1,964.09 raised so far

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About the Project

Pear Tree School takes a unique lead in providing opportunities for inclusive play for local children with and without special education needs during term time and in holidays too. We know that many parents cannot afford to provide holidays or activities for their children and we need an outdoor space where children can engage with as many activities as possible.

Pear Tree Special School website

About the Charity

Pear Tree is an outstanding special school in Kirkham teaching 86 children and young people with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties. Inspired teachers have skilfully managed a curriculum that stimulates learning and supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. In addition to the school we have a Compass Centre for children with higher dependence, children who need extra support to help them re-integrate into the main body of the school. The school operates a holiday club which is unique as it provides fully inclusive childcare in the school holidays for both children with learning difficulties as well as mainstream children who live in the local community.