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Denmark Farm Conservation Centre


We want local volunteers who are keen to learn about growing food and looking after wildlife. Money will help pay for expert teachers.

Total received £6,197.72

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About this cause

Denmark Farm is a nature reserve and visitor centre located in Betws Bledrws, four miles from Lampeter, Ceredigion. The 40 acre site provides trails, eco friendly holidays, volunteering and training courses in ecology, conservation and natural crafts. Our charity, the Shared Earth Trust, promotes an awareness and connection with nature and environmental education. Over the past 30 years most local primary schools have visited Denmark Farm to plant trees and take part in nature awareness. A thriving volunteer group made up of individuals from the local community helps to manage the site and charity. Denmark Farm is a place to learn new skills, live more sustainably, as well as being an accessible and well used nature reserve. Known locally as a space to simply walk and appreciate nature.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The project will recruit local volunteers with a wide range of abilities, and be fully inclusive. By learning together and being active outdoors, they will develop hands-on skills, as well as improved well-being and confidence. The project will provide a connection with nature, and enable them and their friends and families to make better choices about the food they buy and eat.