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Exmoor Search & Rescue Team


We want to buy two sets of jackets for our trainee search dog to keep them visible and warm/cool when searching for missing people.

£1,633.83 raised so far

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About the Project

Search dogs provide a valuable asset to any search team allowing large areas of ground to be searched quicker than by a team of searchers. This means that missing persons are located quicker with less chance of developing hypothermia which can make even minor injuries more serious

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About the Charity

The Exmoor Search and Rescue Team provides a Search and Rescue service across large parts of Devon and Somerset. We primarily assist the Police in locating lost or missing persons and recovering the injured or ill from remote locations. Furthermore, we assist the ambulance service in recovery of injured from remote locations and are available to assist the Fire & Rescue Service. Our broad skill set means that we are also on the register for any major emergencies in our region due to flooding, storms, snow etc.