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Egham Museum

Art & Culture

We need funds to co-create a series of engaging family-friendly activities that explore our shared history in the local area.

Total received £5,186.85

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About the Project

As a community and teaching museum we will: - provide quality, in-depth learning opportunities. - develop our resources to offer a wider range of activities which better suit different learning styles. - promote a sense of place and civic pride. - offer opportunities for visitors to reflect and share their own stories in a safe environment. - support individual development of transferable skills.

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About the Charity

The Egham Museum (est. 1968) is an independent, community museum reliant on volunteers. Through our exhibitions, outreach programmes and innovative use of our collections, we provide for our local communities and visitors a centre of life-long learning dedicated to raising awareness, sharing knowledge and promoting enjoyment of history. As well as providing a museum and community space in the town centre, we value a 'museum without walls' approach which enables us to work with partners and reach out to parts of the community who would not normally engage with a traditional museum. We value online learning and digital resources which provide our audiences with a multi-faceted museum experience. We have a strong track record of hosting interns to improve their employability.