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Luminar (Barnsley)

Young People

Help us provide play therapy materials for support sessions for children who have suffered domestic abuse.

Total received £10,354.22

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About the Project

Therapy is about building a solid trusting relationship in a safe setting for the child to feel accepted, giving them freedom to express feelings in ways without judgement. Children work with therapists to learn how to minimise the chances of being traumatised again and begin to live life instead of surviving it. They will learn how to keep safe, build support systems, control fears and anxieties.

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About the Charity

Luminar (Barnsley) is a local charity that supports survivors of domestic abuse living in the Barnsley area. We work with adults, children and families offering a wide range of therapeutic interventions to reduce the traumatic effects of domestic abuse. This includes counselling support for individuals or families that have experienced domestic abuse and the provision of educational, awareness sessions to help identify and support families at risk. Our shared vision is of a society that is freed from domestic abuse through education and support.