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Chedzoy Pre-school

Education & Skills

Help fund a project based on healthy eating and physical exercise, promoting wellbeing in our preschool and combating child obesity.

Total received £4,122.92

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About the Project

This project will initially benefit our children and their wider families with the promotion of healthy eating and exercise to link with government objectives on child obesity and physical exercise. Children will learn the skill of growing their own produce which will benefit the next generation. The wider community will benefit from having a healthier generation less reliant on the NHS.

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About the Charity

Chedzoy Pre-School is an Ofsted Outstanding rated established pre-school that offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. ​We have been running for over 40 years, meeting the needs of pre-school children from Bridgwater, Chedzoy and the surrounding villages. Chedzoy Pre-School children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, encouraging them to extend their development and increase their confidence within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our aim of providing play and fun enables each child to reach their full potential. ​We welcome every child between the age of two and a half and school age, providing them an opportunity to develop within a caring & secure environment appropriate to the needs of each child to discover and nurture their individual personality.