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Play Borders

Young People

We want to host active indoor and woodland play days across the Borders with toys and equipment that will be added to the toy library.

Total received £7,652.55

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About the Project

Our play sessions will reach families in under-served communities. Indoor sessions will teach children new skills & encourage families to try new things together. Outdoor sessions will teach woodland skills, & inspire families to get outdoors & be active. Supplies for woodland sessions will become part of the library, so individuals & community groups can borrow them for their own woodland play.

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About the Charity

Play Borders is a charity in the Scottish Borders which is dedicated to supporting play for children. We do this by running a toy library in Galashiels with over 300 toys to borrow, hosting play times at our toy library, and offering free indoor and outdoor play sessions at locations around the Borders. Our sessions are free and are open to all children and their parents, families, and carers. We would like to reach all corners of our large region with our travelling play days.