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Linton Granta Playgroup Gardens

Education & Skills

We want to provide the children with a interactive garden, which would include growing their own vegetables and fruit.

£918.97 raised so far

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About the Project

To provide the children with an exciting place to learn how to grow veg and fruit and to learn where things come from. We want the garden to be somewhere the children will enjoy to spend their time.

Linton Granta Playgroup Gardens website

About the Charity

We are a Charity run Playgroup, that has been ongoing for over 40 years, we use play to bring out the potential in all of our children that are at pre-school age 2-4, i myself am Chair lady on the commitee which is voluntary, and along the other members run the playgroup. Our objectives are always to provide the outstanding setting for pre-schoolers in the local community. If we were successful with being provided funding, we want to be able to give the children at the pre-school a beautiful and interactive garden for the children to learn and open their minds with. Play is an essential part of learning alongside teaching the children to grow their own vegetable and fruit.