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Aire Rivers Trust


We want to create signposts and a clear a series of footpaths and walks around the Becks on the outskirts of Bradford.

Total received £5,993.07

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About the Project

The people of Bradford and visitors will have easier access to the Beck and a greater understanding of its role in our history and the its ecological importance. The walking routes will have health benefits for locals. Overall, the project will raise the profile and the enjoyment of Bradford's somewhat neglected countryside, especially in the upper reaches of the Beck.

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About the Charity

The Aire Rivers Trust aims to conserve and improve the rivers of the River Aire Catchment and increase public engagement with the rivers and their conservation. It has a strong sub-group, the Friends of Bradford's Becks (FOBB), which originated and will lead the proposed project. FOBB's core objectives are to (a) involve local people in improving and enjoying Bradford Beck and its environment, (b) carry out environmental improvements and educate, encourage and support the local population.