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Play Association Tower Hamlets

Young People

We want to run active, creative and imaginative outdoor play sessions in Mile End. Funds will be spent on staffing.

Total received £11,726.96

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About this cause

Play Association Tower Hamlets (PATH) ensures all activities undertaken are aimed at our primary beneficiaries, the children and young people of Tower Hamlets. However, we have seen the impact our work brings to an increasing number of secondary beneficiaries, parents/adults and the wider community. Our aim is healthier, happier children playing in improved environments brought about through active citizens working together. We believe play is not periphery; it is essential, to the overall well being and development of every child. Through play training, outdoor estate based play sessions and community engagement we inspire adults to understand the importance of children's play and advocate for play and the child's right to do so at every opportunity.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The project will meet and respond to local parents and families who want to see their children able to play out close to where they live, to meet new friends and feel a part of their community. Parents benefit from meeting neighbours, being at a play session gives parents and carers a neutral space to meet and to share common ground. With community action unused spaces can become loved and lovely