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Seaton Primary School

Education & Skills

The children would love some imaginative and physical play equipment for their outdoor learning spaces.

Total received £6,881.35

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About this cause

Seaton Primary School PTA raises funds through a range of community events with all money raised being used to support the education of children who attend the school. The organisations is supported by school staff, whose expertise ensures that money raised is used effectively, ensuring the positive experience of learning is at the heart of everything the PTA do. In addition to raising funds for the school, the PTA enables the school community and the local community to come together through a range of annual events. These events, widely supported by various community groups, organisations and local businesses enable the community to come together with the shared common goal of providing the children with a range of opportunities and resources that would otherwise not be accessible.

How this cause brings people in the community together

Children are drawn to outdoor play. Physical play equipment, inspired by the natural world, benefits the development of strength and coordination and is vital in building esteem as children grow. This combined with inviting imaginative play equipment which supports social skills and confidence would ensure both designated spaces are safely appropriate to the children's stage of development.