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Hampers of Hope


We want to provide Christmas Hampers for people (50% of whom are children) who find Christmas an added burden due to their poverty.

Total received £5,437.76

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About this cause

Hampers of Hope is a Christian charity whose aim is to relieve poverty, restore dignity and revive hope in NE Cheshire. We do this through our main activities: A Food Bank and Hope Centres. Working with local communities and churches enables us to operate a food bank providing emergency 3-5 day food hampers to inviduals and families in crisis who are referred to us by front-line care workers and professionals. Hope Centres enable us to address the root causes of poverty and help people to overcome their crisis through Job Clubs, Money Management Courses, cookery classes and IT tuition to help them in their job searches and better equip them for work. In the week before Christmas we aim to deliver 400 hampers to people in poverty for whom Christmas is an added burden to their difficulties.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

It will reduce the extra burden Christmas places on families, across the community, who are already struggling to feed their families and enable them to provide their children with presents and enjoy Christmas treats that most of us take for granted at this time of the year, such as tinned ham, tuna/salmon, crisps, selection boxes, tinned fruit, Christmas cake and pudding, fruit squash etc.