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Leeds Play Network

Young People

We want to create a space for all children to play in Leeds city centre by taking over a unit in St John's Centre.

Total received £5,830.60

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About the Project

Leeds city centre is an incredibly culturally diverse place. Unfortunately, it is also a place where people come only to shop, as currently, there are no spaces for children and families to relax, have some fun and play together in the centre of Leeds; we want to change that. Play is one of the best ways of breaking communication barriers and bringing people together and that is what we do best.

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About the Charity

Leeds Play Network is the only charity in Leeds dedicated to promoting play and providing free play opportunities for children across the entire city. Over the last 25 wonderful years, LPN has made thousands of children happy. We are very busy trying to keep lots of children playing and the demand for our services is growing, which is why we need your help. Along with being a play hub, we run 4 free-of-charge projects including open-access mobile outdoor play sessions, 1:1 support for children with special needs to access leisure activities, community support for street closures allowing children to play out in their streets and arts & crafts workshops in the city centre. We also have a scrapstore providing cheap materials for play, arts &crafts. Plus, lots of new exciting plans!