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The Sharp End


We want to run a varied programme of exercise and art classes for older people whilst trying to target those that need our services.

Total received £10,673.57

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About the Project

Our organisation works on 4 parameters; Alleviating isolation and loneliness, improving/maintaining physical & emotional wellbeing, improving/maintaining independence. Annual feedback from our members have stated the following “It’s really helped me to have made friends here. It was so hard when I lost my daughter but I came here and I get hugs and kisses. It’s wonderful.”

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About the Charity

About us: In the last 21 years, we have been offering activities to people over the age of 50 regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, creed, disability, in a safe and peer supported environment. Our patrons (service users) are from a wide demographic background, representing the social mix of people living in the borough of Hackney. What we do Activities range from physical/relaxing/creative/dance/visits to places of interest/afternoon tea Our specific objectives include: Prevention and reduction of disease. Identification and reduction of stress and the promotion of good mental health. The combating of isolation and loneliness. Providing a resource to enable people to have fun. Supporting and empowering older people to improve the quality of their lives and specifically their health.