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Sherborne Food Bank


We want to support the additional need for food parcels by families facing food poverty during the school holidays.

Total received £4,904.52

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About this cause

The aim of the Sherborne Food Bank is to to provide relief to persons in the Sherborne and surrounding area who are in conditions of need particularly with regard to food poverty. Food parcels, comprising a week's supply, are provided to those referred by approved health and social care agencies. In 2016 a total of 788 weekly food parcels were provided: 40% to single claimants, 40% to families and 20% to couples. Food is donated at local supermarkets and churches. To ensure balanced and healthy provision, and to cover shortfalls of staple foods and baby items, the food bank also makes direct purchases.

How this cause brings people in the community together

A whole community suffers through poverty. This funding will enable the food bank to provide support for vulnerable individuals and families within the community facing food poverty. Donations of foodstuffs are not able to provide adequately for those with particular needs or for those facing increased hardship during school holidays.