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Herts Inclusive Theatre

Art & Culture

We need specialist inclusive equipment to allow disabled and disadvantaged young people to access drama and theatre activities.

Total received £5,807.67

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About the Project

Our project will help the local community to thrive and prosper by offering a safe working environment for participants to express themselves and perform in. Our project encourages community capacity through better mental and physical wellbeing which in turn helps participants to help themselves; it provides much needed respite for parents and carers.

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About the Charity

Herts Inclusive Theatre changes the lives of disabled and disadvantaged people by giving them access and opportunities which in turn enhance their lives. Through the use of drama, movement, music and theatre techniques we build people's confidence, communication skills and to help build social inclusion. We aim to use drama to help with people's general wellbeing physically and mentally. Participants not only learn theatre, drama and self-exploration techniques, they learn to work alongside each other. We offer participants the opportunity to explore the broadest spectrum of theatre using performance to encourage wider participation in learning, community work, and future employment. We are not just teaching people how to perform, we are changing their lives, thoughts and feelings.