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Broadstairs Town Shed

Social Inclusion

We want to be truly inclusive and a lift will help users with mobility issues and enable new members to join and enjoy all the Shed brings.

Total received £4,267.86

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About this cause

We are all volunteers who choose to work together for the good of our community. We handle projects & issues where local authority budget cuts prevent key things happening locally, by the donation of time, energy, skills and enthusiasm. Our 'Brush Up' Team maintain unloved plots of land, gardens & our railway station. We work collaboratively with other groups too. In 2014 we set up 'Broadstairs Town Shed'- the 1st Men's Shed in Kent. Shed supports our rapidly growing ageing population in Thanet via woodwork, metalwork & craft activity. Its aim: Combat loneliness and isolation, promote health and well-being in older people & in turn support community groups with our skills & help. The team have refurbished an industrial unit, but we now need an accessible lift to be truly inclusive.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The Shed directly supports older people in Thanet. By providing woodwork and carpentry skills to other local groups, the Shed in turn supports other good causes too. Our key users are 50+ our oldest user is 92, but we work with local primary schools, FE colleges, arts organisations & local groups on projects, promoting inter-generational skill sharing and awareness that community is everything!