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Horsley and Bookham RDA

Young People

We wish to purchase specialised reins, grooming kits and activity equipment for use with our disabled riders and ponies.

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About this cause

Horsley and Bookham RDA provides riding sessions for disabled children and young adults. Our aim is to make dreams into a reality, forming lasting partnerships between horse and rider. Encouraging and challenging even the most hesitant of riders to achieve new heights through the empathy of working alongside their pony and enjoying the activities that build upon self esteem. Our objectives are to focus on individual needs by supporting and developing core stability, improve mobility and co - ordination of the rider. Small hands require specialised reins to steer and communicate with the pony when the grip is limited. Our main objective for older riders is to develop a partnership that instils an empathy towards caring for the pony. Grooming is just one way in which that is built on.

How this cause brings people in the community together

The project will serve the needs of our community daily. In providing specialised reins younger riders will be able to share in the natural instinct to hold reins whilst riding. Ladder and loop reins support the unusual grip. Older riders will benefit from grooming kit that varies in size and weight for all hand grips, raising self esteem with a'caring' empathy between horse and rider.