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Protecting Preloved Border Collies

Animal Welfare

We want to make a field secure for dogs that come into the rescue so we can do rehabilitation work and have a safe play area.

Total received £8,969.07

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About the Project

We take a lot of dogs from local pounds and ones advertised for free. Having a rehabilitation field to help with training and socializing means more dogs get re-homed quicker. We have volunteers to help walk the dogs in permanent foster due to not being able to be re-homed. less chance of injury. Most of these are farm dogs. One was a working dog who has gone blind and would have been pts.

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About the Charity

Our rescue helps owners who are unable to keep their border collies and offer them on the internet ' free to good home'. We send a message to the owners offering our help and warning them of the dangers of giving their dog for free and offering help and advise to rehome them safely. We are also contacted by Pounds and vets about dogs who have been taken in to be ' Put to sleep 'for one reason or another. The majority of the dogs go directly into foster homes. These are homes who have applied to foster or wish to adopt a dog. Each home is processed and home-checked and dogs are matched to homes. We have emergency kennels to be able to rehabilitate those dogs coming off farm or who have trust issues.