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Kayos Youth Theatre

Young People

Ww need funds for venue hire, set, costumes, band, rehearsal space, staff, royalties, marketing and van hire amongst other things.

Total received £6,131.09

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About this cause

Inverclyde Youth Theatre (also known as Kayos) helps local young people aged 5 - 21. Kayos provides training in the performing arts. We also provide performance opportunities in venues throughout Inverclyde. Objectives: The presentation, promotion and organisation of musicals, plays, comedies and concerts. The development of the linguistic, literary and creative skills of the young people of the local area. The provision of experience of practical theatre work to members and the opportunity to work with professional theatre personnel. Kayos helps to develop empathy, self-confidence, team work, problem solving and leadership skills. Kayos allows its members to be part of the management committee and therefore takes ownership of the day to day running, fundraising and various other projects.

How this cause brings people in the community together

Members: empathy,responsibility,expression,communication,time management,team work,research,confidence,social.Peers: positive role models - members & leaders.Audience: entertainment/social engagement.Beacon: adding to programming, new audiences.Local businesses: advertising & corporate sponsorship.Community halls: rehearsal hire.Local college: work experience for students.Local schools: workshops.