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Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL)

Young People

We want to provide dance opportunities which work towards a Christmas community showcase for deprived young people across Leeds.

Total received £3,104.39

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About this cause

DAZL Aim To improve the mental & physical health of children & young people aged 3 – 19 years, through dance as physical activity in disadvantaged communities of Leeds. We aim to reduce health inequalities, improving the health & well-being of young adults with disabilities up to 25 years, families & the wider community through asset-based community dance & wider dance opportunities. We do this through a five stage model. 1. Participation – Engaging inactive children & young people through high quality dance as physical activity, 2. Community Leadership – Engaging & empowering local people/communities, 3. Partnerships – Supporting and delivering the wider health/social care agenda, 4. Artistic Development & Progression Support, 5. Celebrating Communities & Performance Opportunities.

How this cause brings people in the community together

The project will bring the community from across LS10 and LS11 together to celebrate the young peoples achievement, building stronger communities and promoting community cohesion. The young people will gain increased self esteem, confidence and greater health and well-being. They will also have improved their physical and mental health by been involved in the project.