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Leyburn Arts & Community Centre

Community Development

We are planning a programme of events which will appeal to all ages, especially young people and the elderly.

Total received £6,330.08

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About the Project

By making it more social cohesive, friendly and community minded. We are a volunteer led organisation who rely on local support, as volunteers, as users of the facilities, as participants in the activities offered and by providing publicity and ensuring the Centre is an important part of the life of those who live in the area. It will encourage people to stay locally, in their town or local area.

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About the Charity

We aim to bring arts into the community and provide services for the local community, including cinema, room hire, workshops, classes, walking groups, music and theatre events and social activities. We aim to provide facilities and opportunities for all ages, from a Tuesday Club for the elderly isolated, to activities for young people and families. Cinema is provided once a week showing mainstream films and once a month showing independent cinema, documentaries, foreign language, and films not normally seen at the local commercial cinema chains. We are the hub for the local U3A group whose motto is learn, laugh and live, and other groups meet in the building such as Singing for pleasure, seated exercise, dance classes for all ages, slimming world, portrait painters, and a camera club.