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Community Transport Calderdale

Social Inclusion

We would like to run a number of day trips for elderly residents of Calderdale which will reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

Total received £9,500.50

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About this cause

Community Transport Calderdale exists to provide access to local communities for people who have difficulty obtaining transport due to poverty, ill health, disability (mental or physical), geographical or social isolation. Currently, 71% of our members are aged over 75 and 53% of all our minibus trips carry at least one disabled person. We provide the following services: - Car service whereby volunteers, using their own cars drive vulnerable and marginalised people to access their community and essential services such as Health appointments. - Home from Hospital - we provide minibuses to bring vulnerable people back to their homes from hospital - Community minibus service – a traditional, bookable minibus service for community groups.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project is aimed more at elderly residents in an effort to reduce isolation and improve well being. The trips will heighten social inclusion as it will bring people out on a regular basis plus, due to the funding, will be affordable to all. Also, this will enable people to arrange their own days out rather than relying on family which will give independency whilst in a safe environment.