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Herts Vision Loss

Education & Skills

Help us deliver cooking courses promoting healthy living, increasing the independence and confidence of visually impaired people.

Total received £7,836.22

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About the Project

Research shows that people with vision loss often suffer from mental health issues and depression. Poor nutrition can be a contributing factor to this. We also know that people with vision loss can lack confidence in the kitchen and instead rely in unhealthy food options, such as take aways and ready meals. It will offer social opportunity for peer networking and support reducing social isolation.

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About the Charity

Herts Vision Loss aims to serve the estimated 36,000 people in Hertfordshire living with vision loss, this is predicted to rise to 50,000 by 2030. We have been in existence for over 100 years. Our mission is to empower the people of Hertfordshire with a visual impairment; to increase independence and reduce social isolation. We are Hertfordshire's leading independent charity supporting visually-impaired people. We operate across Hertfordshire with advisors supporting people at homes, promoting their independence. We offer home visits and befriending, Advocacy, eye clinic information and support, counselling, ‘Sightline’ telephone information service, school visits for awareness raising. We facilitate social groups and clubs locally and run a resource centre demonstrating equipment.