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Maple Cross School

Education & Skills

We want to install a learning kitchen for all the children to use as well as wider community groups.

Total received £5,620.24

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About the Project

The plan is to install it in the community room which is also used by other community groups (such as the local children's centre) who will also be able to benefit from the kitchen. The kitchen would also be able to be used by the after school club who offer a cooking club and it would enhance what they can do. The kitchen could also be used at community events held at school eg fireworks night.

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About the Charity

Maple Cross JMI PTA works to raise funds to enhance the learning experiences of children at Maple Cross JMI School. In these challenging times of school budget cuts we try to 'plug the gap' to ensure that all children in the school continue to receive the best experiences possible. We fund school trips, pay for in school workshops, provide funding for materials and equipment and organise events such as Pantomime visits to the school at Christmas. We also work hard to support the school in a non-financial way as well by providing support to staff at events such as Sports Day and volunteering for 'action days' where parents go and help with maintenance jobs at the school. We are a small but committed charity working hard for all the children at Maple Cross JMI School.