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Pemberton Old Wigan Brass Band

Young People

We need to improve facilities at our rehearsal room so our concerts there become self funding.

Total received £5,581.37

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About this cause

The band are a musical group with three bands a Senior band B Band and Youth band. The Senior and B bands have experienced players but as by description the youth band consists mainly of young children of primary and secondary school age. We constantly strive to attract more younger people in order to help them learn music and play brass instruments. The objectives are that these young people will progress through the youth band and eventually onward to the Senior band. players from the Senior band and B band give their time at weekends in order to help these young people to progress with their learning and playing The instruments and uniforms are provided through fund raising.

Pemberton Old Wigan Brass Band website

How this cause brings people in the community together

Encourage people who are wishing to learn music and give them an interest other than watching TV and playing computer games. Also assist other groups who are raising money to run concerts at the premises to raise funds.