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Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue

Animal Welfare

We want to buy proper shelters for the rescue sheep and goats instead of using old pallets and tarpaulins as we do now.

Total received £10,003.46

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About the Project

People/children/families can visit the Sheep Ahoy animals and interact with the rescues learning about animal welfare and how sheep and goats should be cared for correctly. The interaction with the animals is great for children that have behavioural problems and/or learning disabilities as the sheep especially are calm and the children really enjoy meeting them and interacting directly with them.

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About the Charity

Sheep Ahoy aka Oli's Gang also known as Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue provides a home for abused, neglected and abandoned animals, currently this is sheep and goats. Our charitable objectives are: To promote humane behaviour towards animals, particularly sheep and goats by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for sheep and goats which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals, particularly sheep and goats.