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Thorneyholme Woodcraft Folk

Young People

Help fund training for volunteers and to purchase play equipment and arts and crafts materials for our newly formed group.

Total received £2,242.56

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About the Project

County Durham is in the top 30% of deprived areas across England. We will help to develop our group with the support of the Co-op. Our group will provide children with opportunities to explore self, their local community and the wider world. (the inter-generational and co-operative nature of the group develops respect and builds stronger relationships within the communities) Focus will remain on school and community outreach to engage new families unable to access other extra-curricular groups; Children benefit directly by learning through play and incorporation. Group sessions will be tailored to meet Co-op aims and principles. Our volunteers will gain valuable experience that will improve confidence and employability. The wider community will benefit through our social action activities.

Thorneyholme Woodcraft Folk website

About the Charity

Thorneyhomle woodcraft folk is a newly registered group that welcome both boys and girls from all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs. Our aim is to provide the children with a safe place to play, where they can be accepted as ‘themselves’ and learn to work cooperatively with young people and adults. Our group will meet once a week during term time at St.Josephs RC, undertake and annual hostel weekend and participate in the National Camping Programme of the Woodcraft Folk. We will provide every child with a chance to try out new activities. Evidence has shown that children who have benefited from activities such as arts and crafts and co-operative games are more confident, able to engage with others, have increased knowledge of environmental and global issues and achieve well academically.